November 17th

This class has been doing great!! We finished solutes, solvents and solutions last week and finished Veteran’s Day, Colonial Life and Measurement this week.  Coffee shop is going great and students are working on filling out applications (including a cursive signature) and handling “sticky” situations at work.  Everyone is working hard and to potential!  I could not be more proud of the engagement and work ethic!!

Upcoming dates:

Thanksgiving Break:  November 20th -24th

CBI – November 29th – Town Center Mall

We are working on increasing our walking during adapted PE.  Ask your child how many laps walked each day!!  The minimum required is 5 but many are going above and beyond.  12 laps is a mile!


Week of October 16th

Wow!  This year is flying by!!


Academics for the next two weeks:

Social Studies:

Government/elections unit – Continued study of the Constitution and the amendment process including the significance of certain amendments (Bill of Rights, Reconstruction Amendments)


Properties of Solutions


Speaking and Listening (interview skills); Sequential writing, friendly letter (pen pal activity with middle schoolers); Novel Study – Frankenstein


Geometry (shapes and congruence)


Exploring and Selecting occupational choices; Interviewing for a job



Welcome Back!

I hope you all had a nice fall break!

We have a busy homecoming week this week! Information about spirit days, the game and dance has been emailed – please let me know if you  have any questions!

CBI is this Wednesday- no money needed! Pep Rally on Friday!

Upcoming academic units over the next two weeks:

Math:  Graphing and interpreting data

ELA:  Narrative Writings (focus on sequencing, details and organization of writing) and a new novel study to be determined by the class, the  choices include Frankenstein, Phantom of the Opera or The Legend of Sleepy Hollow.

Science:  States of Matter  AND Properties of Solutions

Social Studies:  Government (including key features of the Constitution and Amendments) and  Personal Finance -Types of Insurance









Week of September 5th

The plan for this (short) week:                                  

Tuesday is character ed in homeroom.  The goal for character education can be described in the Martin Luther King quote, ‘Intelligence plus character, that is the true goal of education”.  Tuesday’s lesson will relate well to last week’s unit on making healthy (and independent) choices in all 6 components of health and how this can be impacted by the value of self.

ELA:  We will review using secondary sources to define words and begin Word of the Day to build vocabulary (either content related or through the “Word of the Day” curriculum).  We will review using sequence to organize writing when writing narratives.

Math:  This is the last week for determining operation in word problems (for now!). We will continue fact fluency practice and individualized practice in our math rotations.   Also, we will participate in baselines for graphing and geometry to determine levels for upcoming units.

Social Studies:  We will review and build on Patriotism and Symbols of America.  We spent a good deal of time on this last year and students have retained much information so this will be a one week unit ending on September 12th.

Functional/Life Skills/Vocational:  CBI to Costco on Wednesday; Coffee Shop; Character Ed (Tuesday); News 2 You and CNN Students News (Thursday, Friday). Topics of Study include identifying and exhibiting appropriate work habits and safety awareness.




August 28th – September 1st

Please visit our photo gallery for some pictures from our viewing of the Eclipse and our solar system project!

Next week in class looks like this:

ELA- Speaking and listening skills- finding a group consensus, using context cues and secondary sources to define words, writing conventions (paragraph, sentence), writing prompts for narratives

Math- Equations – determining operation in word problems, fact fluency and functional math (time – including elapsed time and the language of time)

Social Studies – Symbols of America (Washington Monument project)

Life Skills – Continuation of making good choices for independent living as related to the  6 components of health – this week we focus on emotional health and  self-esteem

Vocational – Coffee Shop

Wednesday is an early release day!

Friday is the first football game and we will have a pep rally fourth block!




Week of August 21st

ELA – Daily Language review, speaking and listening skills with continued practice in propelling an on topic conversation through appropriate participation (posing and answering) questions and review of how to write good sentences and paragraphs. We will also complete Fall Brigance Assessments.
Math- Continued equations, fact fluency practice and functional math, complete Brigance Assessments.
Science – ECLIPSE activities
Life Skills – Preparing for independent living – making good choices for healthy living, budgeting and maintaining a check register
Vocational – Coffee shop – New job assignments this week!

I will out 1/2 Wed. morning and on Friday. We have our regular sub (Mrs. Chewning) covering and it will be business as usual!

Another Great Week! What’s the plan for August 14-18?

The students had another great week! We successfully opened coffee shop and it is running smoothly!

This week students begin their life skills unit on planning for independent living. With the money they earn working coffee shop, each student will keep a check register and make independent living choices

We will continue our math unit on equations with a focus on determining operations in word problems. Students will also complete Brigance Assessments.

During ELA instruction, we will continue working on writing conventions, parts of speech and speaking and listening skills (specifically setting rules for discussions and learning to question and respond to questions to propel an “on topic” conversation). Students will begin using sources to define words and also complete Brigance Assessments.

During Science, we will complete our review of the scientific method, go over lab safety and begin to discuss the upcoming Eclipse.

During Social Studies, we will further discuss communities and how they may be formed by human activities, place and customs.


August 21st: Delayed release due to Solar Eclipse; Curriculum Night
September 1st: Tentative 1st CBI

What a great first week!

We had a great first week in Room 227. No problems getting to electives and students are quickly racking up the awesome cards towards our first class reward. I can tell this year will be great! We spent a good bit of time this week on procedures, setting up class rules and expectations and get to know you activities. We also began taking math baselines and reviewing parts of speech and writing conventions. We started reading Marsh Island and had a cooking lesson activity. On Friday we celebrated our summer birthdays with Coach Lack’s class.

Next week we will continue and complete our novel study. We are increasing reading comprehension and thinking skills through higher level thinking and analytical questions following each day’s readings. We will continue to learn and review parts of speech and also review writing conventions. We will complete Brigance baseline assessments in math and reading and start our math center rotations to include 1:1 teacher work, math activity and individualized independent practice. For social studies we will talk about communities and for science we will review the scientific process and lab safety.

Have a great weekend!