Week of September 5th

The plan for this (short) week:                                  

Tuesday is character ed in homeroom.  The goal for character education can be described in the Martin Luther King quote, ‘Intelligence plus character, that is the true goal of education”.  Tuesday’s lesson will relate well to last week’s unit on making healthy (and independent) choices in all 6 components of health and how this can be impacted by the value of self.

ELA:  We will review using secondary sources to define words and begin Word of the Day to build vocabulary (either content related or through the “Word of the Day” curriculum).  We will review using sequence to organize writing when writing narratives.

Math:  This is the last week for determining operation in word problems (for now!). We will continue fact fluency practice and individualized practice in our math rotations.   Also, we will participate in baselines for graphing and geometry to determine levels for upcoming units.

Social Studies:  We will review and build on Patriotism and Symbols of America.  We spent a good deal of time on this last year and students have retained much information so this will be a one week unit ending on September 12th.

Functional/Life Skills/Vocational:  CBI to Costco on Wednesday; Coffee Shop; Character Ed (Tuesday); News 2 You and CNN Students News (Thursday, Friday). Topics of Study include identifying and exhibiting appropriate work habits and safety awareness.